Is NannyBee an agency?

No, NannyBee is a nanny-owned cooperative which means that the business is owned and managed by the nannies. What we have in common with nanny agencies is our effort to match you with the best nanny for your family. However, most nanny agencies charge a non-refundable consultation fee and a 10-20% percent of the nannies annual salary for placement. Their services stop there.  

NannyBee not only matches you with an exceptional  nanny at no cost, but also gives you access to date-night sitters at a discounted rate and backup placement with another nanny, if availability allows. Members also have access to NannyBee’s family support liaison who can help to facilitate an open line of communication between you and your nanny. What’s more, NannyBee cooperative members receive ongoing training and share mutual support, making sure they are continually building their skill-set to be the best childcare providers. Lastly, unlike an agency, NannyBee nannies own their business and benefit from its profits.  

What kind of training and experience do Nannybee nannies have?

Many of our nannies are professionals with experience as teachers, nurses and caregivers with private families. All NannyBee nannies participated in workshops  by the Worker Institute at Cornell ILR and Cornell University’s Cooperative Extension. Workshops included Child/Infant CPR AED, Child Nutrition, Child Development and Socio-emotional learning of Children and Pediatric Health and Parent Communication. Some of our nannies are trainers in these topics and many have additional certifications.  NannyBee nannies are also trained in topics ranging from Worker Rights and Interviewing, to democratic decision making, financial literacy and other skills necessary for them to run their business democratically.

Do you do background checks?

All NannyBee worker-owner nannies members go through an extensive interviewing and selection process, including a 6 month candidacy period, prior to joining the cooperative. Each member has personal and work references that have been checked to ensure the highest standards of work integrity and personal character in the field of caregiving.

What is my responsibility as a nanny employer?

Because all caregivers of the cooperative are worker-owners, the cooperative is not the employer of any of its caregivers. The cooperative is not responsible for ensuring compliance with legal requirements that arise out of any employment relationships between its clients and their caregivers hired through the cooperative.

You can get in touch with Hand in Hand, a resource for domestic employers, for further resources at info@domesticemployers.org

My nanny is an English language learner. How can I make sure she understands what I need?

We have developed a process to help our nannies and their families come to a clear understanding of care expectations and work scope. While many are not native English speakers, our nannies have been trained in parent communication strategies and have a good command of English terms in the field of childcare.  

Your Nanny can offer creative solutions for ensuring that you are informed about the daily activities of your child and will be in constant communication with you to be clear about your expectations. Should you have difficulty communicating due to a language barrier, our members know how to use translation applications on their phones and, if at any time you have difficulty communicating something to your nanny, you simply call our office.