The Cooperative Advantage

NannyBee Family of Cooperatives

NannyBee is a family of childcare cooperatives. Every worker-owned business in the NannyBee family shares superior caregiving standards and is committed to creating stable and dignified jobs. We provide living wages for all our worker-owners while fostering democratic decision-making and leadership development through ongoing education. NannyBee was initiated in 2017 as a collaboration between the Center for Family Life’s Cooperative Development Program and the Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation.


Recognizing the intimate and specialized service and community impact of worker cooperatives, NannyBee Childcare was established to help grow and create new cooperative childcare businesses nationwide.
Now community groups across the country can form their own local NannyBee cooperative and join this family of childcare cooperatives with shared brand and quality standards. All participating businesses have a say in how the NannyBee brand evolves and develops.


Our vision for our family of NannyBee childcare cooperatives is to provide children with the best care,  centered in their needs and in community values.  We believe in care that is good for kids, good for grown-ups and good for community.

Our family of NannyBee childcare cooperatives will  be the leading example of successful economic development and wealth-building in local communities by creating opportunities for business development and ownership through worker cooperatives using our unique branding and marketing (licensing) model.

Mission and Values

Our Mission is to care for and educate children, understanding that they are not only important and valuable but the future of our society.
Our Values:
  • High-quality, safe & thoughtful childcare services
  • Worker ownership & leadership development
  • Diversity
  • Social justice & movement building.

NannyBee Northern Manhattan is the first worker–owned cooperative developed under the umbrella of the NannyBee brand. The business first launched in September 2017 with 11 inaugural members.

Having a highly trained worker-owner from our cooperative providing childcare means that your child will receive the best possible care. We are committed to establishing and nurturing positive relationships with the families we work with.

What are Worker cooperatives?

Worker cooperatives are businesses that are owned and controlled by the workers: In our business, the childcare providers are the owners. Our worker-ownership model distinguishes our approach, as all nannies are deeply committed to the success of the cooperative through worker education, and genuine caring practices with clients and members. Our cooperative structure builds a community solidarity, guaranteeing outstanding childcare services and a living wage, with the goal of social justice and dignified work.

Our worker cooperative is good for you, good for us, and good for the community!

Why are cooperatives so important?

Consider an average workplace. In a traditional business, frontline workers do not have very much say in the conditions of the jobs they perform every single day. Even as an independent entrepreneur or contractor, a person can be vulnerable to abuses from unethical employers and clients who dock pay or treat them with disrespect. A cooperative business combines the power of worker unity with the power of the workplace control. Workers who own their business together perform their day-today-jobs as workers, but also own, manage and govern their business as owners. That’s why owners of cooperative businesses are called “worker-owners” It’s a powerful win for them, and it means an excellent service for you -- straight from the bosses themselves!

We are proud members of the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives, the NYC Network of Worker Cooperatives, and the Cooperative Economics Alliance of New York City. We are also honored to use the cooperative marque of the International Cooperative Alliance. NannyBee Family of Cooperatives receives support from Cooperative Development Program at Center for Family Life.